Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They Have A Modern-Advanced Yet Empty School!

When I visit a blog from other country blogger yesterday, I found an interesting post about school. The blog itself contains many great photographs taken by the blog owner. In this post, he captured a big-modern building which looks empty and abandoned. Later I found out that the building is a school which temporarily closed due the strike initiated by the students of the school themselves. I found this school picture post as ironic.
In such a developed country like that, a modern and advanced school building has been neglected by the students. While here in Indonesia, students must struggle with dilapidated-plain building which we called as school. Can you see the ironic part?
In here, you need to pay plenty of money if you want to go to school for better education. If you can’t afford it, then you must satisfy yourself with the low quality kind of school where most of the teachers attend the class for just five or less days in a week. It’s a kind of school where you need to share one book with three or even four other students, because book is expensive and the school can’t afford it. It’s also a kind of school where you steadfastly accept the condition that your classroom’s roof is leak so that when the rain comes you must study in a wet-broken table. But from what I saw on TV, those students still put a big smile on their faces and listen to their teacher with enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, in a far away country, the students indeed equipped with a modern and advanced building. With that kind of school, I don’t think that they need to share a book together in class just like students in Indonesia. They certainly use comfortable tables and chairs and never saw raindrops from their classroom’s leak roof. Every thing is completely equipped and well managed. But guess what happened! The students choose to strike and close their own school for unlimited time with various kinds of stupid reasons such as missing books or not enough holidays. Ironic!

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  1. Indeed very ironic... That's one of the things I love here in America Ris, the schools are all nice and advanced.. Even the public schools have state of the art technology to help kids learn... In the Philippines though, the kids have to share books in public schools and computers are very few...


  2. So's very ironic! I could not agree with Kathy...same thing in the Philippines.

  3. Your post makes me sad and also angry. It's very ironic...

  4. I'd like to thank you very much for refering to my site and this interesting entry as well. Please have a good Friday.

    daily athens

  5. it is very ironic indeed. Imagine if only student that less demanding and very enthusiastic in listening to their teacher like we saw in Indonesia, had a chance to experience the same as we saw in developed country, I am sure Indonesia will have new perfect generations.

  6. Yes! That's very ironic. Here in our country, we've got a lot of students but there's scarcity of school and teachers. How sad :(


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