Thursday, September 30, 2010

God Help Us!

I don’t feel as safe as I was before now, my friends. I saw so many bad things happened in this country which only brings nothing but fear to me. Violence happens in several areas in the past few days. Terrorism, robberies, human rights violation, suicide bombs, gang fight, intertribal warfare, slaughters and any bad thing like that which cost us human victims, insecure feeling and materials detriment. It’s sad to watch people died and leave their families and friend crying in mourn. It’s sad to see thousands of people flee to save their life and left their homes and belongings behind. It’s sad to see many innocent people become victims from a group of coward, rude and heartless people who fight for nothing but their own selfish interests. They don’t care if they must kill other people if needed just to be able to achieve their selfish goals as well. What kind of world do we live in now?
Is this what we got after 65 years of independence? When we should be united by the same visions and hopes together to get a better life and a better country, instead we’re fighting each other for some selfish reasons which only bring more destruction and killing this country softly from the inside. Somehow it sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? I love this country and I still do, but don’t ask me about pride and dignity right now. I think this country is now in the lowest part of the wheel and must struggle hardly to get out from it as quick as possible. Otherwise, we will find nothing left in this beautiful country except fear, destruction, humiliation and poverty. Then our ancestors will possibly cry inside their tombs when they saw and realize that all their hard works during war to free this country from colonialism and slavery so many years ago must end up on a very sad ending story. Not because of cruel interferes or invasions from other countries, but by their own irresponsible descents who were born free, so many years after they’re gone. God help us!

Anyway, I got an award from a friend today which I display below. Thank you Agenda Ibu Rumah Tangga for being a nice and friendly blogger friend :)

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