Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm so Proud of You All

1. What are you proud of?
I proud of everything I have right now. From my life as a homemaker, my smart and gorgeous 3y daughter, my loving husband, to all my family members. They all make me feel grateful for the life God's granted.

2. What is the best thing you’ve ever won as a prize? How did you win it?
Never win any special prizes yet LoL. I join many contest or giveaways bust somehow fortune still refuse to smile at me. Hahaha.. I hope I'll be lucky to win one someday.

3. Tell us about something you've done that in retrospect was a waste of time.
I was addicted to Facebook's games almost this entire year. I manage to quit last month and remove all those application from my account. I finally realize that those games were really wasting my time :(
Thank God I can free myself from that addiction now.

4. How old were you when life changed the most for you? How did it change?
When I was 19 years old. I must move to a different town to enter university. It was hard to leave your hometown at the first time, especially when you realized that you must learn to be independent and able to manage your own self since your parents will be far away. That's the time when my life really changed :)

5. Tell us about a place you that you've been that you considered to be very tranquil.
There is a resort hotel nearby a mountain back in my hometown. We usually went there during a short holiday and spent one night. It was such a tranquil place far away from the busy time we lived on. You can't even hear the cars' horns there, so peacefully.

6. Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?
I don't have any particular favorite news anchor LoL I just need to listen to what the say and I don't really care if they're pretty/handsome or not, as long as they can read the news well because I hate stuttered news anchors.

7. If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it? Why?
Notre Dame. Hahaha.. I don't know why but I was so obsessed with this name, though I know that it wasn't even a place, but a cathedral. I think those two words sound exotic and mysterious. LoL. Silly me! :D

8. What is something about which you've always wondered but have not yet found a good answer?
I always wonder, how come pedophiles have their evil interest over children in their minds. Those people are absolutely insane and must be sentenced to electrocution without trial!No need to listen to whatever reasons or denials or excuses they share. They're disgusting!

9. When you can't go to sleep, what is your personal remedy to help yourself drift into Lullabyland?
Books and books and books. They always help me. I love books.

That's my entry fro this weekend, fellas.. Have a great weekend there.


  1. Thanks for sharing your answers from the Saturday 9! I can so much relate to your number 3 answer. It is actually similar to what I had answered!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I don't think you can beat a good book at bedtime

  3. I know so many people who I think are also additive to Farmville.

    On my blog you asked about photos of the cottage in New Hampshire, here is a link...

  4. i agree to Kebeni =)

    im your newest follower!

  5. Hi! I show you as following me on Google friend connect...I've changed where my blog is and would appreciate you following the new blog. It is

  6. Thinking back, I'd say that I should have the same answer as yours for number 3. I've wasted more than enough time at FB's games =)

  7. Books is a good choice!

    Have a good Saturday!


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