Thursday, September 30, 2010

God Help Us!

I don’t feel as safe as I was before now, my friends. I saw so many bad things happened in this country which only brings nothing but fear to me. Violence happens in several areas in the past few days. Terrorism, robberies, human rights violation, suicide bombs, gang fight, intertribal warfare, slaughters and any bad thing like that which cost us human victims, insecure feeling and materials detriment. It’s sad to watch people died and leave their families and friend crying in mourn. It’s sad to see thousands of people flee to save their life and left their homes and belongings behind. It’s sad to see many innocent people become victims from a group of coward, rude and heartless people who fight for nothing but their own selfish interests. They don’t care if they must kill other people if needed just to be able to achieve their selfish goals as well. What kind of world do we live in now?
Is this what we got after 65 years of independence? When we should be united by the same visions and hopes together to get a better life and a better country, instead we’re fighting each other for some selfish reasons which only bring more destruction and killing this country softly from the inside. Somehow it sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? I love this country and I still do, but don’t ask me about pride and dignity right now. I think this country is now in the lowest part of the wheel and must struggle hardly to get out from it as quick as possible. Otherwise, we will find nothing left in this beautiful country except fear, destruction, humiliation and poverty. Then our ancestors will possibly cry inside their tombs when they saw and realize that all their hard works during war to free this country from colonialism and slavery so many years ago must end up on a very sad ending story. Not because of cruel interferes or invasions from other countries, but by their own irresponsible descents who were born free, so many years after they’re gone. God help us!

Anyway, I got an award from a friend today which I display below. Thank you Agenda Ibu Rumah Tangga for being a nice and friendly blogger friend :)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It’s been a while since our last time in my hometown, Medan and I really miss it right now. I can’t visit that place anytime I want due to the distance between us. There is no direct flight from here to Medan, we must transit once in the capital city, Jakarta. And transit means more payment. And I don’t think that it’s a wise idea to waste money on that trip for just a couple of days visit.
Well, I love Medan, but not as much as I love my little family here. I want to be wherever they are and we can stay together in the same town and house. So I’d rather stay here with my hubby and daughter with me than stay in Medan with just the two of us (daughter and me) there. That’s a bit complicated right? :(
The good news is we are going to visit Medan again next month for about one week to attend my sister’s wedding. Yay! That is really good news. My sister’s wedding is the best one and coming back to Medan is the compliment LoL. Even if it’s for one week only, it doesn’t matter. I just want to have sometimes to explore my hometown again and grab everything I can’t find in my current city, Palembang. I’m so excited and already made a kind of to-do list (other than my family big occasion of course) right now. Can you guess what kind of thing which on top of my list then?


Yes! You’re absolutely right! I’m going to spend a lot of time in my favorite restaurants in Medan; kind of restaurants which I can’t ever find in Palembang. I don’t care if it’s going to cost me a few lbs as the result. I really don’t care… LoL
Until then, I can keep my to-do list in the save place and wait for the time to come. Yay!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Hate Pictures About Ghost

Believe it or not, I really don’t have guts to see any kind of ghost pictures. I think it’s terrifying just to watch something which I believe doesn’t come from this world. But I’m a big fan of horror movie though LoL as you may see from my movie blog. For me there is a significant difference between watching a horror movie than looking at pictures about ghost. I don’t know, maybe because in movie the ghosts are usually disappear in a minute after showing and leave the terror behind. While in pictures, the terrors will stay there forever.
For example, I can watch a ghost story like Ju On or The Ring all by myself at home. But when it comes for me to write the review in my movie blog, I avoid putting too many pictures inside the post. Since I’m afraid of how it will look like. I even hate to see those movies' posters (did I just hear you laugh? LoL)
Many people claimed that they don’t believe in ghost. But if you asked me, I’m going to say that I’m in a gray zone. I don’t believe in ghost actually but I believe that there is some kind of unexplainable energy in this world and they exist whether you believe it or not. I believe in the existence of Indigo Children (or Adults) and I saw several kinds of paranormal activities before. So I’m not convinced enough to declare that there is no ghost at all before someone finds reasonable reasons for that unexplainable energy.
Back to the topic above, due to my fear to see ghost picture, I choose a funny and cute picture for this post instead. If I put a terrifying picture of ghost here, maybe I will never come back and visit this blog ever again LoL. So, just ask me to watch horror or ghost movies anytime (day or night) since its my favorite kind of movie but I will refuse to look at a single ghost picture at all. What? Call me weird, that’s fine.. *grin*

Guest Bloggers Are Welcome Here

Someone sent me email this morning and asked whether I receive guest bloggers in my blogs or not. This is the first time for me and honestly I’m not familiar enough with this guest blogger stuff. I saw some posts written by guest bloggers in some of my friends’ blogs so many times though. Then I do some researches to find out about this on the internet.
Generally, guest bloggers are writers who share their opinions on thoughts through someone else’s blog. Their posts usually contain information about certain product or service and not just personal stories like I usually do. Their main goal is to create a kind of portfolio about their writing skill and gain more attention in the blogsphere itself (CMIIW). And I think it’s totally fine for me.
Somehow I can’t find out whether these guest bloggers do this for free or they require some kind of compliments for their work. If so, then I think I will not accept any kind of guest blogger for now. I made blogs for fun purpose and I’m not desperate enough to make them as commercial blogs by paying other people to make them look wonderful. However, if you do this for free, then you are always welcome to write either in this blog or Mommy Mayonnaise or Female Stuff under certain conditions:
*No adult contents, drugs or gambling.
**Do not provide outside links inside your post unless you want to pay me for that. I can get such a post from any kind of paid review brokers and they paid me to put a link inside my post.
***I have right to reject your post if I found it contains kind of insulting opinion, blaspheme opinion or anything like that which may cause problems for me and my blogs in the future.
****I will identify your post as guest blogger post and write your name in a proper place.
So, if you are interesting to write in one or all of my blogs, just CONTACT ME anytime and I’ll be happy to reply you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Irresistable Ice Cream

Who can resist an ice cream? The mix of sugar and milk (or cream) melts in your tongue and leaves a cool and sweet sensation in your mouth. It’s a perfect choice for you right after having a main course or as a snack during a hot and shiny day.
Did you know that ice cream can be traced back to the 4th century BC? It was the Roman Emperor, Nero, who bought snow from the mountain and combines it with fruit toppings in his palace. But some said that it was Marco Polo who brought this frozen desert during his voyage to Far East. He introduced as cream as a kind of food that has been used in Asia for thousand of years.
Anyway, right now, this frozen desert usually made from dairy products especially milk and cream and combine with fruits or any other variety of flavors such as chocolate or mocha. At the same time, particular colors are also identically associated to certain flavor. For example, pink ice creams usually have the strawberry flavor, the white ice cream for vanilla flavor or brown for chocolate/mocha flavor. What about the topping then? It doesn’t always be fruits like strawberry, apple or melon only because you can also have ice cream with wide variety of toppings, such as chocolate chips, Oreo cookies, maple syrup or honey or even raisins.
But whatever the topping is, I will always love ice cream and thank whoever the inventor of this irresistable desert is. So, then tell me what is your favorite flavor?

Online Football Kits Store

Though World Cup has over but football will always be an interesting topic to talk among the football fans. These fans are not just fans they tend to be fanatic and loyal to their favorite club or player and have so many ways to show their fanaticism to the other people besides watching football itself.
But to be honest, I’m not a fan of football myself I don’t have a particular favorite club. But my brother is a fanatic and I found out about his fanaticism. He collects many things about his favorite club; from a jersey to a foot ball short as well as posters, accessories and brochures about his favorite player. Not to mention about watching World Cup from the Opening to the Closing day.
That’s how I know that football fans usually collect things to show how much they love football such as football kits. Football kits that I’m talking about are like football jerseys, shorts or trousers and even socks. Then you may find out that Everything Football which based in UK can provide you almost every kind of football kits that you wanted. They provide team strips, football training equipment and wear and full color copies of the latest clubline brochures including your favorite club. Their commitment is to provide quality products with competitive prices and have been well known based on 15 years of experience of supplying sport equipments to local school or colleges.
So football fans (such as my brother) can buy their favorite football kits online through this website. It’s where you can find wide variety of quality football kits products with competitive price.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ancient Greek Myths

I can’t tell you how much I love ancient Greek myths with their numerous gods and knights. Unfortunately, I can’t find a good book about these myths and gods here in Indonesia. I can only try to find out more about them through movie and internet. Here are some god I’ve heard in ancient Greek myths such as Aphrodite (the goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth who also called as Venus); Apollo (the god of music); Artemis (the goddess of the hunt and the moon also celled as Diana); Ares (the god of war who also called as Mars); Athena (the goddess of wisdom, skill and war also called as Minerva); Hades (the god of the dead also called as Pluto); Hera (the goddess of marriage and family also called as Juno); Hermes (the messenger of the gods also called as Mercury); Poseidon (the god of the seas, horses and earthquakes also called as Neptune); not to mention the Zeus (the king of gods also called as Jupiter) himself.
Internet provides me plenty information about these ancient Greek myths as well as the Hollywood movie. Odysseus is one of my favorite as well as Helen of Troy, The Trojan War, Oedipus or Jason and the Argonauts. Most of them are old movies though but still interesting enough to watch. I love to see the scene where you can see a dog with three heads or a giant snake with so may heads. Amazingly, the goddess’s taste of fashion is one of Hollywood’s favorite tastes so far. Fabulous!

Have A Great Vacation

Planning a family vacation is as fun as the vacation itself I think. After decided the destination, you need to choose a hotel or resort to stay during the vacation first. That is the most important thing. There are plenty of choices out there and you can do some researches first from the internet to find out about comments and testimonials from other people who have been there before. Then you can book the hotel via phone or internet. I find it’s easier to book from the official website instead.
After finished with the hotel, you need to choose your transportation then. If your destination is a relatively far from where you live, you will need to use a plane. As you may already know, there is also an online booking for plane tickets right now. So, hotel and tickets are checked. Then what about the airport transfer? People usually underestimate their need of airport transfer, but I think you are going to need this service especially when your destination is barely new to you and the trip is going to be your first trip there.
You can find pre-bookable airport transfer from the internet also just as easy as the hotel and ticket booking step before. You only need to provide the number of passenger complete with destination and the flight time. They will automatically set the price for you and you can choose the type of transport that you need, whether it’s a private one or a group one. After that, you can consider you vacation plan completed and you can make schedules for every activities for you and your family on your vacation. Have a great vacation then!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Join The Petition

This post is made to continue my previous post about the “Stabbed Priest” two days ago. Apparently, there is a new progress which I found significant. After the media broadcasts this news over and over again in this past three days, several leaders from different religions agree to meet and discuss together. So far, the result is not clear yet but I really hope this meeting will bring new enlightenments for this country to solve this religious issue as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, several public figures are making another distinct respond for this. They made an online petition to gather all the people who share the same opinion about this freedom of religion issue together. Basically, this petition contains statement about how the authority must guarantee the safety of having religion and give extra concern about the freedom of religion term in Indonesia. It is a fundamental human right. No one or no group has a legal right to assault, stab or kill other religion’s followers for any kind of reason.

"Among the inestimable of our blessings, also, is that ...of liberty to worship our Creator in the way we think most agreeable to His will; ..." Thomas Jefferson (1807)

Anyway, this online petition is addressed directly to President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono himself. I signed this petition last night and I’m the number 5291. I just checked the site a few minutes ago and the number of participants who sign has increased into 7157 total signatures and still counting.
As I mention before, this petition was initiated by 29 public figures in Indonesia, including journalists, artists, writers, movie producers, editor in chief, directors, and Moslem activists. All we need right now is just peace and liberty to worship our Creator and respecting each other religion at the same time. No more stabbing, terrors or intimidation stories in the future. If you’re willing to sign in the petition, you may click here. It will bring you directly to the online petition site where you can put your names and show your support. This petition is open for everyone from different kind of religions and national wide. If you agree with the term of Freedom of Religion in Indonesia, then you might be one of us.
God Bless Indonesia.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Stabbed Priest

I can’t believe that I must write this topic once again here in my blog. But I find this important to share and I want you to know my opinion and feeling about it. Yesterday, a priest who’s having a Sunday service in a church was stabbed by (they said) an “anonymous”. The priest is still lying in Emergency Room in hospital until now. The reason why he was stabbed is because he and his congregation were forbidden to held Christianity services there although obviously that place indeed is A CHURCH. The first thought that came across my mind when I found out about this is that this country is losing the ability to guarantee the right of its civilization to have a religion.
Christianity has facing lots and lots of difficulties to develop in Indonesia and everyone clearly realize that. Even if you have an official permit from the authority to guarantee that every activities you have on your church is legal, there will always be certain group of people who hate you and try hard to find a way to kick you down. It usually starts from having an intimidation first then followed by terrors. Stories about this are usually kept as a ‘common secret’ among the Christian themselves. Everyone knows but try to avoid revenge or do anything about it. I know the reason why Christians choose to keep silent and said nothing about these crimes, because if we make revenge and do the same thing as they did to us, then we’re not different from them. We’ll all turn from a group of peacefully loving care people into a group of rude, egoist, narrow and irresponsible people just like them. And when this happens, believe me, they will only find other new reasons to hurt and hunt us again. It’s just like a never ended circle you see?
But this one is different! This stabbed priest is way too fulsome. When someone’s trying to KILL you when you’re worshiping The Creator of this entire world (along with all kind of religions that human made), it’s totally unacceptable! We need to say something this time. Why must hate people who pray and hope for a big recovery for this clutter country but leaving all those greedy corruptors and other moral criminals out there safe and comfortable? Where was your heart, people? Whatever the problem is, you still don’t have right to stab that priest whatsoever no matter how much you hate what’s he’s doing. That’s why we have law and law officers. This is not a jungle for God sake! One thing for sure, the Authority MUST do something about this. This is a crime. I really hope to see a distinct law action about this in the future.
Anyway, you might have a slight question on in your mind about why I must write this story in English. I did this on purpose. I want readers from other countries who speak different languages from me to read this also. This may bring no huge impact right now as they may not be able to do anything about it but at least they will read and understand a bit of this. And I believe that I need to spread the awareness about what’s going on in this country through this post also because obviously there’s a human rights violation happening here and where most of people here choose to remain silent and close their eyes to save themselves. One thing for sure is that God never sleep and we all are going to pay and account for everything we did!

UPDATE: Join the Petition here. To read more about the petition, click here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Spend 1 Million Dollars

What if you were given a chance to spend ONE million dollars into ONE thing on ONE day for yourself only? What would you choose? It’s not easy to find 1 million dollar piece you know? It’s much easier actually to buy several items which can be accumulated as 1 million dollar purchase. But let me remind you, this money is a gift from a wealthy noble man and he has a unique rule about how you are going to spend the money.
Well, if he chooses me, I have some stuff in my mind to buy.
I saw this 1 million Lamborghini a few minutes ago. Although this car looks amazingly fancy, I’m not a big fan. So, I’m going to pass this one.

Then I found out about this 1 million dollar watches. Weird! I don’t feel interesting whatsoever to own one of these. I think both of them are too usual for that amount of money.
What about 1 million dollar ring? I must admit that this ring is really tempting. But even if I own it I don’t have guts to wear it. People nowadays are so evil if it concerns about diamond and jewelry. Someone could even kill me to get this ring somewhere. So, I think I’m going to pass this one too
Ow…look at those shoes and the sparkling birkin bag…gosh, they look so adorable, don’t you think? Uhm..did I mention that they are 1 million dollar each? Indeed, those shoes and bag really look fabulous. But spending such amount of money on my feet? No, I don’t think so. And for the bag, I can have 10 fabulous bags at a time with that price. So, why choose one if you can have more? LOL
So I pick this 1 million dollar house instead. This is a perfect way to invest such amount of money like that, don’t you think? And the house looks amazing too.
 Finally, what are you waiting for, Mr. Wealthy Noble Man? Pick me! Pick me! LoL

Friday, September 3, 2010

They Look Into Your Social Network Status Too

I just read a friend’s status on Facebook recently that I found so interesting and worth to write. His status is simple: “Do you realize that mockery, contumely, vulgar languages or curses that you wrote on your Facebook status once or more can bring you more trouble if you are a job seeker?” Many people may still not find the connection between vulgar languages with job opportunity here yet, I suppose. But I have read one article one time a go on a magazine about this. I still remember the main point of that article and I want to share it now with you.
Writer of the article was interviewing a Human Resources Manager at that time. The writer was asking her if she had a particular way of how to choose a right person to fill in the position other than the regular interview and test that the company usually do. She answered very seriously that most of companies nowadays are really concern about Facebook and Twitter. So, if the company wants to find out “the real you” in “the real life”, they won’t look at your job summary or curriculum vitae or portfolio which obviously showing only the best side of you. Instead they will type your name in Google, Twitter or Facebook’s search box to find out about your activities in virtual world. You see, there are two reasons for that. For certain companies, having a social networking account is a sign to show how you always get update of the latest news and aware of technology and that’s a good point. It would be awkward if you don’t have at least one account on virtual world when you actually live in a high tech world right now.
The second thought is the company can also see your value through your statuses on Facebook or any other social networking account such as Twitter, whether you are a friendly, hard worker and positive thinker or just a hothead, complainer and scoffer person instead. No one wants to hire a bad attitude person as an employee when they can easily find other better ones out there. What you write on your Facebook’s status or your Twitter account can describe the truth about yourself more or less. People usually pour out almost every thought or mood they have through this. And the company will appraise you based on what you write-thought and moods. So watch out, pals. Don’t let your status hampers your opportunities from getting a job in the future.
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