Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Local Instant Noodles Aren't Safe!

We must admit that people in Indonesia are so familiar with instant noodles whether you like it or not. Do you see how these instant noodles even become the most popular kind of food to send to certain disaster-stricken regions? I guess it’s all because this kind of noodles can be used for a long time without having to worry about them being rotten or damage and not to mention about the cheap price either. No wonder instant noodles can be found easily everywhere and preferred by most people here. Even the rich people love these noodles. They also love the various kinds of favors and the great taste as well. That’s why I told you that in this country, instant noodle has been so popular for so many years.
After reading news about how imported instant noodles from Indonesia have been banned and forbidden to sell in different countries, I felt so shocked. The most popular kind of food in my country which eaten by millions of people here were claimed as dangerous food and were banned! So what kind of food that we actually eat these years then? Have we consumed all those dangerous ingredients this whole time then?
I think the authority should take responsibility of this shame. There are so many food experts or institutes which able to investigate this problem right away. It’s not easy to forget something that has been last for so many years such as consuming these instant noodles. But I believe, if somehow the related experts or institutes claimed that certain instant noodles in Indonesia are hazardous and not worth to eat, people will voluntarily stop consuming it. Don’t make us all eat that garbage while people in different countries have found out about it and throw the noodles to the garbage can.
If it turns out that there’s nothing wrong with our local instant noodles, then fix that banned issue as soon as possible. Show them that we produce a safe and healthy kind of food which also prescribes by the international standard regulation.
All we need is you making an official statement whether local instant noodles safe or not and people will follow. Don’t just sit there and pretend that everything will get better real soon.We're still waiting!

Anyway, I want to display the latest award I got from a blogger friend, Jen in ~Ever After~ I'm sorry it took me so long to post is. But I want to thank you for your kindness, Jen. I really appreciate it :)


  1. Oh my! It would be shocking to realize that something you eat often was found to be unsafe. I hope you find the answers that you are looking for!

    Congratulations on the award. I hope that you have a lovely day!

  2. Saya cukup menyesalkan atas kejadian ini, karena bagaimanpun gara-gara kasus mie instan ini sekali lagi dunia internasional akan memandang Indonesia tidak elok. Tapi saya masih sanksi se-tidak safe apakah mie-mie instan yg beredar kini di Indonesia.

  3. Based on the latest news, it's still safe!

  4. Are they similar to ramen noodles? We eat those all the time but with our own seasoning. Ours are sold with this sodium loaded season packet. Yuk!

    We are always getting scares about various foods. It's hard to know what is sage anymore.

  5. Government, in this case BPOM and health ministers should give the real informations about the ingridient at this instant noodles.
    Government don't just say this instant noodles are safe to consume, but not consumed it too much. Do you think?


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