Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Five Basic Freedoms

Just in case we forgot about our Five Basic Freedoms. There are so many violation to our rights in so many parts of this world. The authorities should able to guarantee these five freedoms to their citizens, otherwise we will only see chaos every where. I don't know whether you noticed or not, that the chaos is getting worse...everywhere...

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. Yes I have noticed and I get very worried.
    Thank you for stopping over today. Happy PINT!
    Very nice to meet you.

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! I am following you now. Happy PINT!!

  3. It is nice to be reminded that these things are freedoms! Sometimes we take them for granted! Happy Tuesday!

  4. I think we all need to be reminded of those they fall threw sometimes!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm a new follower :)

  5. Hi Risma, thanks for dropping by..following you now too.

    Have a great day. BTW love your pic with your baby. both look so happy.


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