Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Tainted Milk Scandal In China

I know that reality of our instant noodles scandal we had just few days a go is insane enough to make us all angry. How can there be people who able to produce kind of foods which consumed national (and international) wide with “garbage” inside. Such an irresponsible people! But, there is newest horrible news about tainted food which able to make you very mad also.
Recently, the authority of China (once again) must deal with tainted milk in infant formulas. It said that this tainted infant formula had caused a very bad effect to few infant girls in China. What kind of bad effect? These infant girl show signs of premature development which means they don’t grow as well as they supposed to be, including weight gain and height. I wonder what kind of poison was inside those tainted infant formula milk.
Infants are the most vulnerable persons in this world and they can’t even tell their parents if they feel sick or pain. Adults should protect them and help them to grow instead of feeding them with "poison" like this. Remember, those infants are the future leaders and if something bad happens to them, you can imagine what is going to happen in the next 50 years.
I hope this disaster will never happen in this country. Poisoning adult people is scandalous enough and disappointing millions of people already. Do not aim your evil mind to our precious future leaders by poisoning their infant formula milk whatsoever. Have mercy for God sake!

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