Friday, October 22, 2010

Could Facebook Possibly Sell My Information?

For serious Facebookers like me (grin) I think there was time when we at least read one the ads on the side bar once. What do you say? Yes, I’m a serious Facebookers, I must admit. But not only for the social networking stuff for sure. My Facebook account is also seriously correlated with my three blogs. Theoretically, I use my Facebook account to spread my thoughts on blogs so that I will be able to expand my readers including my friends on Facebook. Surprisingly, my friends love my posts and that’s all I need to keep writing LoL.
Anyway, back to the ads topic above then. Please do an observation about what kind of ads do you have on your sidebar when you’re logged into your Facebook account. Well, I can tell you about mine. My sidebar ads are always about how homemakers like me could earn money from home (you must know what I mean; most of them are dbc network ads). Then I also often see ads about wonder bras, online boutiques, and medicinal herbs for women. I also see ads about parenting so many times. Then I realized that those ads are actually targeted to me as a stay at home mother.
According to some researches held by independent institutions, they conclude that there is a possibility that Facebook may sell their users information to advertisers so that they could make targeted ads. They found out that the sidebar ads offers may vary depends on information you gave on your account.
Theoretically, the reason why I keep seeing those dbc network ads along with the online shopping stuff, it’s because I describe myself as a stay at home mother on my account. When I was so addicted with games, I saw so many online games ads on my sidebar. But after I quit from those games, I never saw those ads again. That’s why I think that somehow I believe about the possibility that Facebook may sell my identity for this commercial purpose.
FYI, I locked all my information tightly so they're only available for my friends. So, if you’re not in my friends list, you won’t be able to collect information about me except reading my blogs and notes part. Not even my networks or friends of friends. And the third part which stores my every information would be Facebook itself. I never sell my information whatsoever, I’m sure none of my friends did. Then my finger is pointing on Facebook right now. They may share my information to the advertisers who obviously pay them for that commercial stuff, that’s why I got those targeted ads on my sidebar.
Facebook deny the fact that has been revealed through these researches and insists that they always keep their users information as secrets and forbid advertisers from trying to collect any information from users. And all I can say is: “Ya..ya..ya..I believe you did..” (GRIN) That's fine, I don't write any crucial information in my account, dear.
So, what kind of ads do you see in your sidebar now? Are they suitable to your information you gave to Facebook? ;)

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  1. we have to be careful to mention our private informations on facebook.

  2. I haven't yet noticed the ads in sidebar. I'll check it out :)


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