Monday, October 11, 2010

Absolutely No Styrofoam For My Yoghurt!

I’m a big fan of frozen yoghurt from certain famous brand in Indonesia. I will stop by in the store at least once a week to buy my favorite yoghurt with fruit topping. As usual, I always buy the biggest package just to get more yoghurt inside LoL. The last time I checked, the biggest package call as “Share package” with three different toppings and served in a medium paper box. Last Saturday, I went there to buy my weekly frozen yoghurt and ordered the Share one.
The waitress offered me their new package called “Take Away” which apparently was bigger (yay!!) with four kinds of toppings for just small amount of extra money. I agreed instantly. I was going to get plenty of frozen yoghurt inside my paper box. Hmmm..... Well, they gave me good news and bad news at the same time and I was really disappointed with this Take Away package. Indeed, I got the yoghurt twice as much than I usually got, that’s the good news. And the bad news is that they also changed the container from a medium size paper box into a bigger size STYROFOAM BOX!! Oh…My…God!!!!
Though this new box is bigger than the old one, but it’s a Styrofoam for goodness sake! I wonder whether these people ever heard about Global Warming or not! I seldom find any stores which still use Styrofoam as container for their foods nowadays. But here, I found a big and famous company uses this poison thing as food container. I was SOO disappointed.
I sent email recently through their website and describe how disappointed I am with this new package. Though I love the frozen yoghurt but I will definitely endanger my own health by consuming food from Styrofoam box! That’s for sure. And the other thing is that I don’t want to buy food which also endangers my environment like this one. I do care about Global Warming and I don’t want to be a part of those who consciously refuse to pay more attention about how complicated is the situation we have right now.
I will absolutely stop buying their frozen yoghurt until they replace the poisonous Styrofoam box with another healthy and environmentally friendly container! I wrote this post to help spread the awareness about this Global Warming issue, my friends. Stop using any kind of garbage containers such as Styrofoam which can be very dangerous to your own health and your environment. Those big companies out there should find safer ways to sell their products. They must show their support to overcome this environmental issue instead of thinking about money only!


  1. Agree, that's make two of us, stop using styrofoam for food container.

  2. we must be clever in choosing food in the form of packaging.


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