Thursday, November 28, 2013

Running The Red Light

Every morning, I will drop my little girl off to school. It takes me at least one hour to go to school then back home, which I don't mind at all. I choose that school because I know it's worth the distance. And I will take her anywhere as long as it's an excellent quality school, just like this one. I'm sure you moms out there are thinking the same way right now :)

One thing that always makes me amazed every day is that how people sometimes neglect their own safety and endanger other people life as well, by driving carelessly on the street. Accidents can happen and people can get injured by them. The most common dangerous behaviour found on the street is: when drivers pass through an intersection when the red traffic light still on and not even bother to stop. I mean, what were they thinking?

Running the red light is one of the most selfish habits on the street, especially motor-bikers. Indonesia is heaven for motor-bikers. I'm not saying that all motor-bikers are careless and irresponsible, some car drivers can be careless too. I've seen this kind of drivers myself. But the amount of motor-bikers are larger that the four wheels vehicles. That is why Indonesia is a heaven for motor-bikers.

Most of motor-bikers here have taken away the rearview mirrors of their motor-bikes. Usually they keep one on the left only but so many of them feel confident without any rearview mirrors at all. They choose to turn their eyes to the right/left to see if there's vehicles behind them rather than using rearview mirror as safety standard. All they care is the view in front of them only. They can move to the left and then to the right without signs. When the street in front of them looks empty, they will add the speed and move right away like a wounded animal. Racing in a crowded busy street.

When the red traffic light is on, all of them try to move into the first row right behind the stop line by slipping between the stopped cars, which waiting for the light to turn green, and push their motor-bikes to the front row. Why do they do that? Why not just stop behind vehicles in front of them and wait until the light turns green? The answer is because most of them are trying to run the red light!

Sometimes, the intersection might appear empty. But one thing for sure, the green traffic light is still on from the other directions right? What if suddenly a huge truck pass by from the opposite direction with a high speed just when you decide to run the red light? Disaster! Vehicle in high speed usually unable to stop right away and you, my dear careless biker, my lose your own life and bring other people too! Innocent people who accidently stop their vehicles not far from the intersection traffic light. They can get injured too due to your careless behaviour!

Just wait for the light to turn green. It's not like you are going to wait for hours, right? Just a few minutes and then you can drive again. These few minutes in the street are worth your life and other people as well. So many people die due to traffic accidents every year. Do not put yourself into the list. Traffic lights are there for a reason, please use it wisely.

Everybody wants to arrive in where ever places they're going to as soon as possible but obviously running the red light is not a solution! Be responsible on the street because it's not only your own life is on risk, but other people life as well. Drive safely!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vulcanic ashes from Mount Sinabung in Medan

When I woke up this morning, I saw something stranges has happened since last night. I opened the window and I saw a quite thick layer of dusts on my neighbour's roof (I was on my house's second floor). I went outside the my house to find out what's happened right away. In my front yard, I found the same kind of dusts also covering all my plants including my car. Unfortunately, my car is WHITE!  It's been raining all night long and  I must parked my car outside (unfortunately again) since my husband is out of town and he parked his car inside. So his car is safe and mine is a mess *sigh

I looked closer to the dusts. Soft grey with soft texture just like ashes from cigarette. And its all over the place. And then I found out that it was actually volcanic ashes from Mount Sinabung which has been frequently errupted (minor erruptions) these couple of weeks.
Mount Sinabung is located in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia which is about 3 hours from our place, Medan, which actually is far enough. Yet the wind apprently succeed to bring the ashes all way down to Medan.

Almost every car we found on the street covered in ashes as well and it's (as I said before) strange.....
Like this car, I found when parking in front of a restaurant

Mount Sinabung is actually beautiful especially on a clear day. Two places near it are familiar with tourists, Brastagi and Kabanjahe. Two beautiful places with the pleasant mountain air. I am sure that those places will look quite different right now, covered in vulcanic ashes which I'm sure will be thicker than we have here. I hope Mount Sinabung will be just fine and one day we will be able to see it again.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My iPad, iOS 7 and the Recovery Mode

Are you iPad users just like me? Have you upgraded to Ios 7 then? If so, how is the download process works for your iPad then, is it done successfully? If so, you are so lucky then.

My iPad 3 works just fine for me. I got it from my beloved and generous hubby LoL and got excited ever since. And guess what, my very first app is Hay Day! Well, I'm not proud of it since many of you will consider that it sound worthless to have an iPad just to play Hay Day. Hey! I love games. Too bad I can not find Farmville here. LoL. So, for several months, I use my iPad for nothing but Hayday and social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Until I got bored and tried to find something new to work with my iPad. And that was the beginning of disaster!

I realized that I have three blogs that have been sadly abandoned for about half a year or more due to my hectic schedule. I usually update my blog using laptop which means I need to spend more time sitting in front of my desk to write. I hate to bring laptop everywhere. And time is something i don't have! My laptop then can only sleep in my desk as well as my blogs. This iPad then wakes me up, that that I can easily update my blog without having to sit in front of my desk again. Yeay! I downloaded the Blogger app to get things even more easily.

As usual, I always try to put pictures in almost every posts I write. When I tried to upload pictures, there was a notification show up that I need to upgrade my iPad in order to continue. So I think, why not? The newest version is usually the better one, right. Then I go to the setting section and decided to upgrade to ios 7 and downloaded it OTA (Over The Air) by using Wi-Fi connection. A VERY BAD DECISION that I will always regret, even until now! The download process took forever. Almost eight hours! I was so glad that the download process finally over in the evening. Only to find out that there was something wrong with the process and my iPad ended in Recovery Mode. The screen displayed the iTunes image and asked me to connect to iTunes. In this recovery mode, I was unable to open anything in my iPad. I have to connect to iTunes to exit the recovery mode.

Image credit:

I connected it with iTunes in hubby's Macbook and tried to recover the iPad software and it took forever too. Seven hours! And the result is: NOTHING! My iPad is still in recovery mode. It was a very stressfull days if I recall. I Google everything about this all night long since I could not sleep. Actually, I almost cried and scream! But there is a good point  i got during my research. I found so many post and stuff about iPad, tips and tricks, softwares, etc. And then I found out about Tiny Umbrella, a software that can help younto exit the recovery mode. I downloaded it too and follow the instructions and nothing happened. The only way I can imagine is to bring my iPad to IBox. Nothing else! And its frustrated me so much.

At last, I tried my one last luck to recover using iTunes again, altough it already failed before. I thought about leaving the process all night long when I go to sleep. I had nothing to lose. Suddenly, something happened. As soon as the recovery process started, the iTunes logo on my screen dissapear. The apple logo appear along with the dowloading bar, as if the iPad is in the recovery process. Then in the next 10 minutes, my iPad screen back to normal condition complete with the iOs 7 succesfully installed. I was so surprised! I never wished that the iOs 7 will successfully installed after everything I did to exit the recovery mode. But i was wrong. The ios 7 has been successfully installed and my iPad works like brand new. I am a lucky person and I found out about it in a hard way. I make a promise to myself that I will never try to download any kind of iOs again ever. This is my first and last stressfull experience about this. As long as my iPad works just fine, there is no need to change anything. Maybe next time I will not be this lucky *sweatdrop*

Well, how about you? Have you experienced the same thing with me?
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