Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keep Your Religion And I Will Keep Mine

What is the easiest way to destroy friendship and make a new enemy? Easy. Just insult other people's religion! That's why it's better to avoid mixing religious opinions in your friendship. Even people in the same religion can easily find disagreement about something, not to mention those from different ones. Maybe, it's common for some people to talk or discuss or mock about other different religion inside their group. For me, it doesn't matter as long as they keep it around their community. But there will be a different situation when you intentionally share your personal opiniomS to people related with the issue. Somehow that can be considered as mockery and insulting.

It's almost like questioning other religion's basic doctrin for your own sake. Does it sound too soft for you. Well, indeed it's a softer version of these insulting actions such as: mocking the meaning of Cross in front of Christian, or serving pork meat for Moslem (or beef for Hindus), questioning the meaning of being vegetarian to some Buddhists and stuff like that. I'm sure right now you can figure out what I mean by now.

My point is, maybe we can't find a perfect agreement about religion whatsoever. But there's something we can agree that we should not mock other religions which different from our own. It will bring nothing but hatred and discomfort feeling. Keep your religion opinions with you and I'll keep mine. That's why we can have a fair and constructive friendship. I will appreciate your religion view, so please appreciate mine. We can still have friendship based on the same nationality or because we're all God's creation. That's better than fighting about religion. Don't you think?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trapped in Texas Hold'Em Poker

Right no, I'm watching a TV show about people who become so addicted to a famous game on Facebook right now, Texas Hold'em Poker. I think you should watch this show for yourself, especially if you are one of them. Texas Hold'em Poker makes online gambling looks fun and how you can do it for killing time. But this show will tell you that something seriously bad is going on behind it.

So many people have already trapped deeper and deeper into this online gambling. A smart college student who wants to try his luck for a few times, finally became so addicted and started to use his school fund to as a bet for this game. He even use the money from an account he shared with his parents. The parents received so many letters regarding unknown transaction in their account. When he realized that could not rely on that account any longer, he turned into criminal action, robbing a bank. Eventually, he surrender himself into the police and admitted the robbery.

There was also a stay at home mother (like me) who become so addicted with this game. Unconsciously, she used almost every penny her family had in the account as a bet. She confessed that it's because every time she feels like she's going to win, she always lost her bet by the end of the game. She's curious and keep betting her money for the next game until nothing's left in her account. Could you imagine that?

I believe that this isn't only happening in other country as we may find the similar cases around us now. You can say that numerous number of people are getting deeper in addiction to Texas Hold'em Poker and continue to gamble. If you are one of them, take your time for a moment to look at your situation. Maybe, just maybe, some of you have already won a big amount of money right now, but have you consider about the amount of money you use as betting to gain that result?

I love games too, I really do. I play almost every kind of games in Facebook but I always remind myself that it's all just for fun. I won't give a penny to buy anything to complete my game and I will definitely avoid the gambling game like Texas Hold'em Poker. Gambling is gambling. They can trap you whether you realize it or not. Always remind yourself, that it's all just game! Just a game! And I won't give any money for it anyhow!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad Service From A Bad Employee

I had a bad experience with one of famous ice cream cafe here in Medan, yesterday.It was about 10.30 A.M and I was actually accompanying my daughter in school. After leaving her in her class room, I went to a big plaza, Cambridge,  nearby with a friend of mine. When we saw that ice cream cafe called Fountain Cafe, I suddenly thought that I would love to buy a scoop of ice cream and my friend agreed. We entered the restaurant and sit. Not long after that, a guy showed up and told us that the restaurant hasn't opened yet since the operation hour starts from 11 AM daily.

Well, we're so ready to leave the restaurant when my friend asked him whether we can buy just two scoops of ice cream to go, because we saw that the ice cream box was already there and ready to serve. All they need is just a scoop. It took more than five minutes for him to ask one of his friend to serve us. A woman finally came up. I thought she's just washed her face when he called her, and she's not happy with that. She asked us about the kind of ice cream flavor that we want in a rush and absolutely without a smile. She didn't even feel that she needs at least to wipe her wet face first before serving customers like us. She looks so dirty with a wet face like that.

I never thought that a well known such as Fountain Cafe still hire a bad attitude employee like her. Without any doubt, she saw her upset and ugly face in front of us who come to deliver our money to her store. I just can't find any store manager among them to complain, since all I can see is just about ten employees were sitting in the tables and talking each other. And this stupid impolite women served us so badly.

I don't know if this article will do any good for this restaurant in the future. I tried to find a kind of customer complain box around the store and found nothing. I also try if I can find any phone number which I can use to deliver my complain directly to the management and still found nothing. That's why I write this here then I hope someday one of the the persons in charge in Fountain Cafe, Cambridge, Medan will do something about their employees. Well, at least teach and train them about the basic standards of working in sales and services area.
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