Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ancient Greek Myths

I can’t tell you how much I love ancient Greek myths with their numerous gods and knights. Unfortunately, I can’t find a good book about these myths and gods here in Indonesia. I can only try to find out more about them through movie and internet. Here are some god I’ve heard in ancient Greek myths such as Aphrodite (the goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth who also called as Venus); Apollo (the god of music); Artemis (the goddess of the hunt and the moon also celled as Diana); Ares (the god of war who also called as Mars); Athena (the goddess of wisdom, skill and war also called as Minerva); Hades (the god of the dead also called as Pluto); Hera (the goddess of marriage and family also called as Juno); Hermes (the messenger of the gods also called as Mercury); Poseidon (the god of the seas, horses and earthquakes also called as Neptune); not to mention the Zeus (the king of gods also called as Jupiter) himself.
Internet provides me plenty information about these ancient Greek myths as well as the Hollywood movie. Odysseus is one of my favorite as well as Helen of Troy, The Trojan War, Oedipus or Jason and the Argonauts. Most of them are old movies though but still interesting enough to watch. I love to see the scene where you can see a dog with three heads or a giant snake with so may heads. Amazingly, the goddess’s taste of fashion is one of Hollywood’s favorite tastes so far. Fabulous!

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  1. Saya kurang begitu faham tentang mitologi Yunani. Tapi yang saya tahu ya itu si Hercules aja Mba,anak-nya Zeus hehe.Itu juga tahu karena ada filmnya.

    Saya baru tahu kalau dalam mitologi Yunani ada dewa musik juga. Oh iya mau nanya mba Dewa-dewa dalam mitos Yunani kuno apakah sama dengan dewa-dewa dalam kepercayaan kontemporer ?


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