Friday, September 24, 2010

I Hate Pictures About Ghost

Believe it or not, I really don’t have guts to see any kind of ghost pictures. I think it’s terrifying just to watch something which I believe doesn’t come from this world. But I’m a big fan of horror movie though LoL as you may see from my movie blog. For me there is a significant difference between watching a horror movie than looking at pictures about ghost. I don’t know, maybe because in movie the ghosts are usually disappear in a minute after showing and leave the terror behind. While in pictures, the terrors will stay there forever.
For example, I can watch a ghost story like Ju On or The Ring all by myself at home. But when it comes for me to write the review in my movie blog, I avoid putting too many pictures inside the post. Since I’m afraid of how it will look like. I even hate to see those movies' posters (did I just hear you laugh? LoL)
Many people claimed that they don’t believe in ghost. But if you asked me, I’m going to say that I’m in a gray zone. I don’t believe in ghost actually but I believe that there is some kind of unexplainable energy in this world and they exist whether you believe it or not. I believe in the existence of Indigo Children (or Adults) and I saw several kinds of paranormal activities before. So I’m not convinced enough to declare that there is no ghost at all before someone finds reasonable reasons for that unexplainable energy.
Back to the topic above, due to my fear to see ghost picture, I choose a funny and cute picture for this post instead. If I put a terrifying picture of ghost here, maybe I will never come back and visit this blog ever again LoL. So, just ask me to watch horror or ghost movies anytime (day or night) since its my favorite kind of movie but I will refuse to look at a single ghost picture at all. What? Call me weird, that’s fine.. *grin*


  1. Haha..this is interesting, I think You are a brave women because your favorit movies are horror, untill I read this article :)

  2. Hahaha... maybe I'm just a coward inside, I suppose. Or maybe people just misunderstanding me and my braveness after all LoL. But still I'm a fan of horror movie, but keep the posters away from me :D

  3. Hehehe... You're better. I'm too afraid to watch horrow movies and also see ghost pictures...

  4. very creepy, usually people who often watch horror movies, will get a shadow, hihihiihihi .....

  5. @Lina: then you're just like my hubby. He even hates a funny ghost movie LoL
    @Lourdes: hahaha...thank God I've never seen any creepy shadow yet :D Somehow, the terror from horror movie won't stay long enough in my mind. I can watch it in the evening and sleep without nightmare after that. But, picture about ghost just different LoL


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