Friday, September 3, 2010

They Look Into Your Social Network Status Too

I just read a friend’s status on Facebook recently that I found so interesting and worth to write. His status is simple: “Do you realize that mockery, contumely, vulgar languages or curses that you wrote on your Facebook status once or more can bring you more trouble if you are a job seeker?” Many people may still not find the connection between vulgar languages with job opportunity here yet, I suppose. But I have read one article one time a go on a magazine about this. I still remember the main point of that article and I want to share it now with you.
Writer of the article was interviewing a Human Resources Manager at that time. The writer was asking her if she had a particular way of how to choose a right person to fill in the position other than the regular interview and test that the company usually do. She answered very seriously that most of companies nowadays are really concern about Facebook and Twitter. So, if the company wants to find out “the real you” in “the real life”, they won’t look at your job summary or curriculum vitae or portfolio which obviously showing only the best side of you. Instead they will type your name in Google, Twitter or Facebook’s search box to find out about your activities in virtual world. You see, there are two reasons for that. For certain companies, having a social networking account is a sign to show how you always get update of the latest news and aware of technology and that’s a good point. It would be awkward if you don’t have at least one account on virtual world when you actually live in a high tech world right now.
The second thought is the company can also see your value through your statuses on Facebook or any other social networking account such as Twitter, whether you are a friendly, hard worker and positive thinker or just a hothead, complainer and scoffer person instead. No one wants to hire a bad attitude person as an employee when they can easily find other better ones out there. What you write on your Facebook’s status or your Twitter account can describe the truth about yourself more or less. People usually pour out almost every thought or mood they have through this. And the company will appraise you based on what you write-thought and moods. So watch out, pals. Don’t let your status hampers your opportunities from getting a job in the future.


  1. that's so strue, I always think twice if I want to update my status on facebook or twitter. Thanks God I don't update my status very often

  2. I agree. I have an experience about this in my previous work too. I searched new candidate's profile from google and social media sites


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