Monday, September 13, 2010

The Stabbed Priest

I can’t believe that I must write this topic once again here in my blog. But I find this important to share and I want you to know my opinion and feeling about it. Yesterday, a priest who’s having a Sunday service in a church was stabbed by (they said) an “anonymous”. The priest is still lying in Emergency Room in hospital until now. The reason why he was stabbed is because he and his congregation were forbidden to held Christianity services there although obviously that place indeed is A CHURCH. The first thought that came across my mind when I found out about this is that this country is losing the ability to guarantee the right of its civilization to have a religion.
Christianity has facing lots and lots of difficulties to develop in Indonesia and everyone clearly realize that. Even if you have an official permit from the authority to guarantee that every activities you have on your church is legal, there will always be certain group of people who hate you and try hard to find a way to kick you down. It usually starts from having an intimidation first then followed by terrors. Stories about this are usually kept as a ‘common secret’ among the Christian themselves. Everyone knows but try to avoid revenge or do anything about it. I know the reason why Christians choose to keep silent and said nothing about these crimes, because if we make revenge and do the same thing as they did to us, then we’re not different from them. We’ll all turn from a group of peacefully loving care people into a group of rude, egoist, narrow and irresponsible people just like them. And when this happens, believe me, they will only find other new reasons to hurt and hunt us again. It’s just like a never ended circle you see?
But this one is different! This stabbed priest is way too fulsome. When someone’s trying to KILL you when you’re worshiping The Creator of this entire world (along with all kind of religions that human made), it’s totally unacceptable! We need to say something this time. Why must hate people who pray and hope for a big recovery for this clutter country but leaving all those greedy corruptors and other moral criminals out there safe and comfortable? Where was your heart, people? Whatever the problem is, you still don’t have right to stab that priest whatsoever no matter how much you hate what’s he’s doing. That’s why we have law and law officers. This is not a jungle for God sake! One thing for sure, the Authority MUST do something about this. This is a crime. I really hope to see a distinct law action about this in the future.
Anyway, you might have a slight question on in your mind about why I must write this story in English. I did this on purpose. I want readers from other countries who speak different languages from me to read this also. This may bring no huge impact right now as they may not be able to do anything about it but at least they will read and understand a bit of this. And I believe that I need to spread the awareness about what’s going on in this country through this post also because obviously there’s a human rights violation happening here and where most of people here choose to remain silent and close their eyes to save themselves. One thing for sure is that God never sleep and we all are going to pay and account for everything we did!

UPDATE: Join the Petition here. To read more about the petition, click here.


  1. Hi Risma, this is so gross... my gosh... but I think this is beyond religion and culture... its a violation already of the law of nature...

    thanks sis for droppingby.

  2. Yeah, I agree. One of pastors that my family know also told us that he had reveived some terrors via his handphone. I think this era would be more difficult for us all.

  3. It totally shocked me to read this Ris. Why can't these people let other religions pray in their own way? Why do they have to force their beliefs on us? Something has to be done about this and it's time that the Christians would have to stand up and say it's enough.

    Anyway, I like this new blog you have. I missed a lot of what's going on with your life since I have been gobe for a while. I miss you though and I hope to get in touch with you again...

    God bless you and your family Ris...


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