Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do You Celebrate Thanksgiving? Uhm, No!

Fyyuuhh....this one is going to be tricky for me. And you know why. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. Gosh, you guys have many holidays in a row, huh? LoL

1. Tell us about you very favorite (yes we know that's redundant) Thanksgiving.
It's kinda boring LoL since my answer will be just simple: nothing. I enjoy watching movie about how people celebrate Thanksgiving by sitting together around a table and have a feast. If Halloween is famous with the pumpkin stuff, then Thanksgiving is well known for the turkey. Am I right?

2. What are you doing for Turkey Day this year?
Guess what? Nothing! (Grin)

3. If you were to go to somebody else’s house, what would be your favorite dish to bring?
Well, in our culture way, the most general kind of dish you usually bring is cake. Well, some may choose to bring fruits instead. But, we also bring something more special if the house we're about to visit is a close family member. We usually bring dishes cooked by my mom at home as a gift.

4. Tell us about the funniest person that you'll be with this Thanksgiving.
See #2!

5. What would surprise us to know about your Thanksgivings?

6. Does your usual mix of guests result in drama, or is it a group you’re happy to see?
I think everyone will have a bit of everything when talking about mix of guests. Right?

7. What did your family do for Thanksgiving when you were a kid? Do you still do it?
See #4!

8. We know you've been asked this probably 15 times this week. But share with us in 2010, what are you most thankful for?
I will always be thankful for everything we have right now. Especially for my second pregnancy right now. I think God bless us so much that I can't think to ask for anything for now. But, I will always pray that our family will be in His protection and never ending love.

9. Okay, the big question: are you going to 'attend' any of the "Black Friday" sales? ...and if you are, are you hard core serious like the 5 am "be there" crowd?
See #7!

PS: May I make the conclusion for you? All my answers above are totally boring LoL. Believe it or not, I think I'm going to cancel this post or delete it after couples of hours. Hahahaha..
But don't let this ruin your Thanksgiving celebration there. Have a great one, for sure! Xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing your answers. Happy Saturday 9...Mine is ready too.

    Mine is here

  2. Yes- you are right about the Turkey and Pumpkin. Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration which is why American's eat so much on this day.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Ris! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so surprised and very happy for you! Hope you will stay healthy and also the new baby in the belly...

  4. been here sist:merry christmast and success for your family!and congratz for ur pregnat!be happy sist!see you!and kept smile!:)

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope everything goes well for you. I understand about not celebrating was odd for me when I lived in Brazil not having it. What are some of the annual feasts/celebrations you have where you live?


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