Friday, November 12, 2010

Boredom, Go Away!

1. When pigs fly I think we will see the sky turns pink once a week, assume those pigs will choose particular day to fly together. You better watch out when this day comes, cover your entire roof with something which absolutely water resistant, to prevent you from having pigs poop all over your roof. Just in case they have nasty feeling to poop while flying. This is a silly imagination LoL

2. What? Are you thinking about my silly imagination above seriously?!

3. Call me a dreamer. But I think it's okay to be a dreamer sometimes, especially when you get stuck with your daily activities which makes you become so numb and unable to feel anything anymore. I think once at a time you may find life we live is a bit boring and we need something to refresh our mind and make us smile. Dreaming or daydreaming is one of the fastest, cheapest and healthiest way for it. As long as you can control yourself from getting deeper and deeper with your dream until you forget about your real life responsibility, then it's okay to make a silly imagination sometimes.

4. Yes life can be boring sometimes,  if you know what I mean.

5. The most entertaining person in my life are my hubby and 3 years old daughter in their own different ways because hubby knows what kind of entertainment I want when I feel boring and help me get out of that situation. While my 3 years old daughter always entertains me with her simple and innocent saying and look. I love my life.

6. Well, I told you much about how to handle boredom in my own perspective. I definitely want to know your side of the story. So, who's next?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to do nothing, I will stay at home and spend more time to sleep. It rains a lot here and I don't feel like want to going anywhere now tomorrow my plans include nothing but staying at home also. And maybe on Sunday I want to visit my MIL's house and spend time with the in-laws.


  1. great blog! Very funny about flying pigs!

  2. I want to see the sky in pink that would be awesome and my girl would love it....she would fill like Barbie...shucks!

  3. I like your FFI... hehehe.. I'm a dreamer too...heheh thanks for the comment..:-)

  4. Wow! Have we resorted to pig poop already? I think it's too early for that! :-)

    I'd love to have you visit me over at

  5. I love the way your mind works, especially on #1!

  6. Great Fill-ins you got here. thanks for the visit!

  7. wonderful answers!!!

    Happy Friday!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! It's okay to day dream and step out of reality for a bit :)

  9. hahhaha...nothing? oh man, you should go out sometimes....treat yourself and go shopping!

  10. I never thought of having seen thousand of pigs flying in the sky. that's funny. But, daydreaming to ease the boredom seems a great idea. I should do that too.

  11. Luv'ed the flying pig 'fill-in' have me running for cover!

    Thanx for stopping by my space in bloggyland.

    Please forgive me for getting back so late.
    I am slightly a little behind with my 'comment appreciation' notes. {presently nursing a friend back to health after major surgery. TMI *coy smile*}

  12. nyahahahaha... very funny!!! I hope pigs won't ever fly or else we're all in big trouble...



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