Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Things I Thankful For

Two things I thankful for
1. My loving husband who’s been kind enough to buy me a new Blackberry to replace my old one which almost broken. I found that my old Blackberry doesn’t work as good as it was and it’s irritating me. I need to pull out the battery every time the screen starts to freeze for a long time. I know that it needs to be replaced with a new one. I can’t do anything to fix it anymore. And my hubby bought me a new one yesterday. Yay!

2. A friend of mine who kindly enough to accompany me contend my nervous when I need to drive my car again after four months absence. It gets me nervous especially when I sat in the driver’s seat for the first time (again) I hope I still remember everything. She directs me in a good way and brings my self esteem back. I can get over my nervous and manage to drive my car safely. LoL
Silly me

Happy Tuesday for you all out there


  1. Great picks! Thank goodness for good friends.

  2. What a wonderful hubby and friend! You are blessed! Following you! Thanks for visiting Peaceful Divas!

  3. Great list! Have a great week.

  4. Thanks for following and the sweet comments Risma! What a fabulous inspirational blog you've got going! I love it!

  5. what a sweet and thoughtful husband you have....:)

    me too...I still get nervous when I drive...even though, I've been driving for 5 years...lol!


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