Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wild Monkeys Near Danau Toba

Last week, we had a chance to visit the famous lake in Sumatera Utara (North Sumatra) Indonesia, Danau Toba (Toba Lake). I can't visit my hometown every month so every time we go there, we will always visit Danau Toba for sure. Since it's only less then 1 hour from my hometown.
We enjoy the beautiful scenery that time and my brother took his chance to swim. The weather was just perfect. When we arrived, it's been raining. But luckily it stopped several minutes later then replaced by the bright sunshine.
After a couple of hours in relaxing time, we decided to go home. We got a chance to stop by a few minutes to feed wild monkeys from the side of the road. Yes, so many monkeys were waiting there for visitors to stop by and gave them something to eat, such as banana or peanuts. We're lucky to find some of them came towards our car and stay right beside the car. We gave them peanuts and soon more monkeys were approaching. That's how I got this pictures.
But suddenly, they're all gone. Disappear! What's happening? It turns out that those monkeys run for their lives after they saw a monkey hunter carrying his gun approaching. Oh my God. How can people shoot and kill those adorable animals whatsoever? This bad man walks slowly and passes by our car. I hate him! I wish one day he will pay for what he did! Hunters are really bad persons! :(
And those cute monkeys never show up again even after the ugly hunter disappears from our sight. Something needs to be done to protect this wild monkeys soon!

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  1. Newest follower via the Blog Hop. Great Site I look forward to reading your posts. The Mommy Chronicles

  2. oh mother of pearl...the look creepy...ehehehe!


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