Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Hunt Of The Last Nazis

Have you ever watched a program on History Channel about The Last Nazis? I watched this program since last month and become a fan ever since. It’s about the hunt of war criminals that used to join NAZI and become part of Holocaust. At WW2, they’re all young soldiers with muscularly steady body and ready to do anything. But now, they’re just old men and almost senile. If you saw them without knowing any of their dark past as human slaughterers, you would have considered them as kind old men with big smile who greet everyone they met in the street with smile. But it will soon change after you know that they used to take part of killing thousand of Jewish people in Holocaust.
These war criminals are hunted for trial. They must pay for what they’ve done in their young age. And guess what, almost every one of them confesses that they’re innocent and blame all of it to other soldier or their superiors. How they couldn’t take responsibility for thing they didn’t do and they feel terribly humiliated by the media about this. But, don’t get tricked by all those wrinkles and their weakness of old age. They were sentenced guilty in court and were sent to jail for the rest of their lives. But the hunt is not over yet. There are many of these war criminals who appeared as untouchable. Some of them are incredibly rich and able to hide in different countries or bribe everyone to help them doing so. Including the “Doctor Death” who used to do some horrific and needles experiments using Jewish detainee to fulfill his need of slaughtering people, Aribert Heim. His experiments killed hundreds of people that time. What an evil monster. So, the hunt of the last Nazis is still going on.

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