Saturday, January 2, 2010

Prom Dresses For Party Goers

Hey, how about your New Year party, fellas? I bet you have a lot of parties’ invitations to attend. Yeah, people usually celebrate the coming of the New Year by partying all the night. we have our own party also here, in my hometown.

Then, how about your party outfit? Are you sure that you already own at least one great party outfit on your wardrobe? Are you sure that it can make every eyes look on you right after you walk through the front door? Do you have the most updated fashion of party dresses already? Be sure you own a best one; otherwise you will spend the rest of your time in the party by mourning because you can not show the best side of your self. Meanwhile, other party members look great on their fabulous party outfits. You will never enjoy the party at all.

Take a look at these prom dresses 2010 pictures below.

What do you think? They’re gorgeous, right? I like the green dress the most. It looks fresh, sexy and eye catching. I prefer a light color for party outfits better than the dark one. I think you should show yourself up on a party and stop acting like you are on a funeral ceremony. Be brave. Try to use an unusual prom dress that can make you the queen of the prom night.

Or maybe you like the shorter version, instead. Below are several pictures of gorgeous short prom dresses I found on a website.

Look at that blue gown with beautiful detail on the chest. Oh my God, I definitely want to have one like that. It looks so fabulous! The pink dress looks great too. But I love the blue one the most. What about you? Do you like the pink dress instead?

Talking about these great dresses, which one of you, girls out there, who hates wedding dresses? Come on, just be honest. Every woman loves to spend more time look at many pictures of gorgeous wedding dresses, especially those which look elegant and expensive just like these:

For those brides and brides to be, out there, come take a look at this. These wedding dresses will look perfect to be your wedding dress this year. All you need to do is spend some fun time in front of your computer and start to choose. If you find one of them is interesting, you can buy them online. So tell me, which one is your favorite one?


  1. Met pagi, mbak Risma. Nice post di pagi buta nih.

  2. semuanya bagus-bagus dan nggak terlalu rame. kayaknya 2010 trennya baju-baju yang simpel ya?

  3. bagus2 mbak, sayang gak bisa aku pakai :)

  4. You're right, gorgeous dresses for party goers, not me...

  5. Very beautiful dresses ris.. I would love to own one although I don't party that much...


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