Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Favorite Zoo

Hello again my dear friends, how was your Christmas celebration there? I hope its as merry as ours :)
We went to my hometown in Siantar on December 24 along with my husband and the kids. One day, we went to the local zoo nearby after attending service at church. My kids love animals and we do not have much time to take them to the zoo in Medan. And the zoo in Siantar is way better than Medan. Below, I share some of pictures when we're at the zoo. I hope you enjoy it :)

There are hundreds of animals here, unfortunatelly I can not capture them one by one. So I choose deer, white tiger, lion, camel, and zebra.

My favorite activity at the zoo is feeding the deer :D
You can just stand close to the cage and wait for the deer to come. They seems to know that you have something tasty to share: boiled peanut. They love it. They will eat it directly from you hard, just be gentle.

The camels and llama are on the same cage. I know that Ilama is spitter and I choosed to stay away from it while trying to capture the camel on its best angle.

Next to the camel cage are African zebras with their beautiful blastered fur. The children love zebras but since the zebra always walk and never stand still, I can not capture them with my kids.

As for the carnivore section, here are white tiger. Actually I saw a lion and a leopard, but it was far away from the front cage and I can not capture them.


Ironically, yesterday, I read that one of Indonesian's zoo has beed dubbed as The Zoo of Death in Daily Mail UK. You can read the article here. It was a shameful story and contradicted with the zoo we visited in Siantar.
The zoo in Surabaya is called as world's cruellest zoo due to how they treat animals in there. Its a very sad story and the article also show you sickening pictures of them. Animal shouldn't be treated that way. And I hope that Dailymail article will make the local government see and do something about it real soon :(

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