Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Is In The Air

Wooohooooo Christmas is in the air people ^^

In just few days more, we will celebrate it with our beloved family and friends. Churches and houses are full of merrily songs: Joy To The World, Hark The Herald Angel Sings, Jinggle Bells and so on. All of those beautiful songs will be heard in the air this month. Personally, the most beautiful Christmas songs ever for me are from BONEY M. If you have not heard their Christmas songs yet, I really recommend you to hear at least one of them. If you love the traditional kind of Christmas songs, like I do, these are definately the best!

Anyway, as you can see three pictures I post here, these are pictures of our own Christmas tree. We do not have special theme for this year, though I found that Purple has been choosen as colour of this year's Christmas. I prefer the traditional colours instead: Red and Green and never get bored of them yet.

We actually also have Christmas wreath hanging on our front door but I forget to capture it. Maybe tomorrow I will update this post with the picture. In the mean time,  I hope your Christmas preparation there is as merry as we have here. Joy To The World ^^

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