Friday, June 22, 2012

A Good Punch For A Bad Neighbor

Good neighbors are really really hard to find nowadays. Sometimes people who lives nearby happen to those who pissed you the most. I mean, I don't get it. If we understand the situation that whether we like it or not, as neighbors, we will always see face to face everyday. We'll meet each other when we throw garbage to the garbage can in front of our house, we'll meet each other when we open our gate every morning before go to work, we'll see each other when we spend some quality times with our kids in our front yard, etc. Then what's the point of being a such an " unpleasant neighbor"?

Apparently, my new neighbor will have a ceremony to celebrate their new house tomorrow. A few day ago, the husband came talk to hubby and shared a bit of their plan. And how they're going to build little tent for that event using the "public path" of the housing. My hubby said okay. Well, there's nothing we can do if someone wants to have a ceremony with his family and friends. And it's about to happen on Saturday.

Anyway, I think the husband LIED to us about the exact size of the tent they're going to use. It's not a single tent (for about 6-7 meters wide) only but 20-22 METERS!!!! Has he lost his mind??
This tents stand in front of 3 houses in a row a block all the entrance ways to each of the houses, including ours. And the ceremony doesn't even start yet (it will be held tomorrow, on Saturday). Me and my hubby are SPEECHLESS to see that huge tents blocking our entrance. Hubby can't park his own car in front of our own house. So, tomorrow he must find other spot to park his car, far from our home. And obviously, my car is going to stay at home this entire weekend because one of this "stupid neighbor's tent's supports is standing right in front of house and block the way.
I think we're going to spend the entire day on the road tomorrow :(((
Bad bad neighbor, you really need a good punch in your face! :(

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