Friday, August 19, 2011

Play With Fireworks Wisely

Everybody loves holidays and celebration is one of the reason to this. We just love the amazing air which very different from the other days we have in a year. Especially when we talk about Christmas (for Christians) or Eid ul -Fitr (for Moslems). Each holiday is very special to it's congregations. But we have one thing in common about how to celebrate it and how to make the holidays merrier. I want to talk about FIRE WORKS!

Based on Wikipedia, Fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. Indeed, it is very entertaining to watch beautiful fireworks in the night sky, especially when we're on celebration. The bigger the fireworks, then the merrier the celebration becomes. I'm sure that everybody will prefer giants fireworks like this one below:
than the small one like my daughter usually play with like this:
Because that's the point of fireworks. Size does matter!

But, for me, the entertaining part from the size of fireworks is not that fun anymore when we're talking about the audio part. Fireworks are so loud that sometimes you even have to close your eyes. And that is my problem right now, unfortunately.

I have a two months old baby in my house right now and I'm still recovering from my sectio cesarean I had. But I must deal with some irresponsible person who play with medium size fireworks every night since the first day of this Fasting month. I know that they just tried to have fun, but can't you just wait until the "big day" instead, to start celebrating using fireworks? I have a baby who can't sleep and starts to cry every time you start playing with your stupid noisy fireworks!

Beside, I don't think it's a wise idea to play medium size fireworks among a crowd place like in the middle of people like that. You can go to an empty wide field and fire all your fireworks there where people can enjoy it safely without bothering new born baby like my son. But, if you wait until Eid ul -Fitr to start playing, I can bring my little baby away from my house that night. So that he can rest and sleep well peacefully. But until then, please use small fireworks instead. You can use it every night and still get the fun. Happy Fasting for you (who celebrate).

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