Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Spam Ever

Do some of you guys here really think that one day my finger will slip and publish at least one spam comment you wrote as respond about one of my posts honestly? Come on. I'm not newbie here and I know how some stuff work. All of us, as blogger, must be realized that none of us want to have spam comment(s) in each post. Especially when you worked hard to write your opinion into words and pour your point of view in a hope that one day, somebody you don't know will kindly enough to write a comment about it. It will be wonderful to share each other opinion. Not useless and thoughtless spam comments.

So, you better save your time my dear, stop spamming around either one of my blogs. You're not welcome here. If you want me to display your link, just contact me. Sure we can find out a win-win solution where I'll be happy to display your link on my blog, and you'll be happy that I wont push the spam button right away after I saw your hidden link inside your spam comments.

And I can assure you, that no comments will be passed without a moderation. Just save your time and don't waste mine. Happy blogging, dear ^^
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