Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today's Relief

Want to talk a little about therapy? Then you can join this meme. One of the best therapies to find a relief over your stressed days is by becoming a thankful person and say thank you for whatever happened in past few days. I’m sure everyone got something to share about this. And these are my stressed yet thankful days (lol)

I want to say thank you very much to:
~ My little girl who got cough and flu since 3 days ago and make me missed a chance to spend time at the beach with my family members last Saturday.

~My little girl who finally recovers from her cough and flu and still kind enough to spread them over to me. I got cough and flu right now *sigh*

~My dearest hubby for having so many business trips this week and left me with our little girl at home all by ourselves. We missed your laugh (lol)

~My dear brain for giving me no idea to write on my blogs and make me stuck.

~The pitchman who unable to deliver my orders on time due to the fasting month.

I think that would be enough. I don’t want to look like a querulous mommy who grumble about everything all day long (lol)


  1. Thank you for linking up with me! i'm sorry you and your daughter have been sick. That's no fun at all. Summer sickness is the worst!

    Blog/writers block must be in the air. I've had a hard time coming up with posts lately too!

  2. I haven't had anything to write about either. I hope that you are all feeling better now. Not fun to be sick.

  3. It's good that you can say thank you even in hard times...
    Keep smiling, mbak Risma!!


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