Monday, August 9, 2010

Planning A Vacation

Do you prefer to go on an organized tour or be your own tour guide during a vacation? Each of them has their own plus and minus of course. On an organized tour, you will get punctuality and well as precise calculation of money for the entire trip. You will usually be informed about schedules, accommodation, transportation and the places you are going to visit. On this kind of trip you are going to follow certain kind of rules as you are not the only participant. You must share everything with people you don’t know which can be good because you can make a new friend. You will visit places according to the event organizer’s plan each day including hotels and restaurants for meals. People who can not follow the schedules might be left behind and missed particular places or events. Remember, you’ve already paid to visit each place on the schedule so if somehow you can’t manage to follow the schedule and missed some places just because you overslept the night before then it would be your own loss. So this organized tour is not suitable for people who refuse to have straight schedule during vacation.
You can then be your own tour guide and arrange your own tour. You are free from straight schedule and start the tour anytime you like. You can visit every place in one day or just two places each day. Pick yourself! But in this kind of tour you must learn to manage your money wisely. On an organized tour, the organizer usually made collaboration with hotels and restaurants chain. That’s why the can get some kind of discounts from the real price and calculate the lower price on your behalf. You’re not going to get this benefit if you’re making your own tour. Anyway, you’re free to use any kind of transportation including the cheap one but you must prepare your self with a local map just in case you got lost. The benefit is that you can enjoy every place you’re visiting as long as you like. Tour organizers usually use schedules on the entire tour; you are free to enjoy your time unscheduled!
But if you asked, I think I’m going to choose the organized one. I am an organized person. I want everything to be organized for me. In this way I can also calculate the budget before departure and I usually need not use anymore money except for the goodies (lol). But if you are an adventurer, then you might want to be your own tour guide and do whatever you like unscheduled right?


  1. I prefer to have my own tour. This way, I can get more unique experiences than if I join a guided tour.

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  2. Wow,we're planning for a vacation too..
    I think an organized tour is better when we're not familiar with the places..


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