Thursday, November 28, 2013

Running The Red Light

Every morning, I will drop my little girl off to school. It takes me at least one hour to go to school then back home, which I don't mind at all. I choose that school because I know it's worth the distance. And I will take her anywhere as long as it's an excellent quality school, just like this one. I'm sure you moms out there are thinking the same way right now :)

One thing that always makes me amazed every day is that how people sometimes neglect their own safety and endanger other people life as well, by driving carelessly on the street. Accidents can happen and people can get injured by them. The most common dangerous behaviour found on the street is: when drivers pass through an intersection when the red traffic light still on and not even bother to stop. I mean, what were they thinking?

Running the red light is one of the most selfish habits on the street, especially motor-bikers. Indonesia is heaven for motor-bikers. I'm not saying that all motor-bikers are careless and irresponsible, some car drivers can be careless too. I've seen this kind of drivers myself. But the amount of motor-bikers are larger that the four wheels vehicles. That is why Indonesia is a heaven for motor-bikers.

Most of motor-bikers here have taken away the rearview mirrors of their motor-bikes. Usually they keep one on the left only but so many of them feel confident without any rearview mirrors at all. They choose to turn their eyes to the right/left to see if there's vehicles behind them rather than using rearview mirror as safety standard. All they care is the view in front of them only. They can move to the left and then to the right without signs. When the street in front of them looks empty, they will add the speed and move right away like a wounded animal. Racing in a crowded busy street.

When the red traffic light is on, all of them try to move into the first row right behind the stop line by slipping between the stopped cars, which waiting for the light to turn green, and push their motor-bikes to the front row. Why do they do that? Why not just stop behind vehicles in front of them and wait until the light turns green? The answer is because most of them are trying to run the red light!

Sometimes, the intersection might appear empty. But one thing for sure, the green traffic light is still on from the other directions right? What if suddenly a huge truck pass by from the opposite direction with a high speed just when you decide to run the red light? Disaster! Vehicle in high speed usually unable to stop right away and you, my dear careless biker, my lose your own life and bring other people too! Innocent people who accidently stop their vehicles not far from the intersection traffic light. They can get injured too due to your careless behaviour!

Just wait for the light to turn green. It's not like you are going to wait for hours, right? Just a few minutes and then you can drive again. These few minutes in the street are worth your life and other people as well. So many people die due to traffic accidents every year. Do not put yourself into the list. Traffic lights are there for a reason, please use it wisely.

Everybody wants to arrive in where ever places they're going to as soon as possible but obviously running the red light is not a solution! Be responsible on the street because it's not only your own life is on risk, but other people life as well. Drive safely!

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