Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keep Your Religion And I Will Keep Mine

What is the easiest way to destroy friendship and make a new enemy? Easy. Just insult other people's religion! That's why it's better to avoid mixing religious opinions in your friendship. Even people in the same religion can easily find disagreement about something, not to mention those from different ones. Maybe, it's common for some people to talk or discuss or mock about other different religion inside their group. For me, it doesn't matter as long as they keep it around their community. But there will be a different situation when you intentionally share your personal opiniomS to people related with the issue. Somehow that can be considered as mockery and insulting.

It's almost like questioning other religion's basic doctrin for your own sake. Does it sound too soft for you. Well, indeed it's a softer version of these insulting actions such as: mocking the meaning of Cross in front of Christian, or serving pork meat for Moslem (or beef for Hindus), questioning the meaning of being vegetarian to some Buddhists and stuff like that. I'm sure right now you can figure out what I mean by now.

My point is, maybe we can't find a perfect agreement about religion whatsoever. But there's something we can agree that we should not mock other religions which different from our own. It will bring nothing but hatred and discomfort feeling. Keep your religion opinions with you and I'll keep mine. That's why we can have a fair and constructive friendship. I will appreciate your religion view, so please appreciate mine. We can still have friendship based on the same nationality or because we're all God's creation. That's better than fighting about religion. Don't you think?

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  1. So true...I'd rather talk about humanistic issues rather the theological issues! Why should we debate for things that we believe?


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