Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Careful Of Daylight Robbery!

One day, I was just got back from my daughter school at mid-day. We're enjoying our lunch at that time while (as usual) I always keep my front door locked as well as the iron door as the first layer. It was a quiet day and we're about to take a nap after meal.
When suddenly someone rang my door bell. I opened the door and found a middle aged lady standing in front of the door. I never saw her before and surely don't know her. She looked surprised and said hello, which I replied back. She told me that she was going to buy a house in our housing that day.

As some of you may already know that we are in a new house right now. But this housing is not full yet, there are many houses that still empty. So, this lady's reason is quite right. I just can't accept the next favor she asked me. She wondered if she could enter my house to look around to see the interior and any kind of changes we've made for our house. I mean, WHAT???
You don't know me, I don't know you, and suddenly you asked me to open my front door so that you can enter to look around? Are you sober, lady?

I refused it right away and told her that I had something important to do inside and I really don't have time to take her look around. My main thought at that time is how impolite this lady is. Didn't she even realize that I locked my two layered doors that day as a message that I don't want to be disturbed? But somehow she still had guts to ring my door bell and asked me that silly favor? I stay alone in my house (with my little daughter) since my hubby works in different city. So, I never let my front doors wide open for no reason. NEVER!

When I told hubby about this, he came up with a conclusion: that lady was about to rob me that day once I let her in. That she was just trying to find an excuse for me to let her in. I've heard lots of stories like this before, about someone got robbed in hypnotized way. The stories are spreading widely through medias including internet. To be honest, I didn't think that far. I was just thinking about her impoliteness. That's all. But my hubby's conclusion suddenly opened my eyes and frighten me a bit. If that's true, I can't imagine how close I was to be a crime victim in my own house where no one could ever help me at that time.

Criminals nowadays are getting cruel and crazy every time. Even a middle aged and friendly looked lady can be a cruel criminal who hypnotizes her victims before robbing them. So, watch out there! Especially if you stay alone at home, like me. Never open your door for someone you don't know. Never!!

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  1. that is scary ya mba... Just make sure you put something to defend yourself near the door.... Take care...


  2. pha kabar?lama ga posting ya

  3. Some of my neighbors had been robbed in the daylight, the robber hypnotzed their maids, terrible.

  4. lam kenal mbak..waduh artikelnya bahasa inggris.. hmmm aku gak mudeng..maklum bisanya bahasa sunda doank.. hehehehe..

  5. she's stranger person in 'stranger' place I think. I wanna rent of my house, and I also pleased for someone who wants to look around.

  6. Thank God, before you got the point God had protected you with your believing about politeness.
    Right, NEVER open our house for someone we don't know..


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